‘The Wolfman’ cometh

February 2, 2010

I’ve been wanting to write a post for several days now, but things have been busy. I’ve been wanting to let you know about the new short story I’m writing, and about the new reviews (Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Vol. 3, Under the Dome) that’ll be popping up over the next couple of weeks, about the interviews I’ve been running over on my Examiner.com blog, but there’s just been no time. I’ll get to all that, but not today.

Today, inspired by the interview I’m working on with Jonathan Maberry, who has written the novelization of the upcoming remake of The Wolfman, I thought I’d share the movie’s trailer with you. So here it is:

The Wolfman somehow became the battleground over the last year or so for the practical effects vs. CGI argument that’s been raging ever since Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I’m typically a pro-practical guy, but I’m not against the careful use of computer graphics to augment the final effect. But all of that is beside the point – what I want from The Wolfman is a taste of good old-fashioned Hammer-style horror, with a dash of the contemporary thrown in. I plan on seeing this one as soon as I can, and I’ll let you know if it fills my particular bill.