Hammer’s back…and they’re bringing Christopher Lee with them.

January 15, 2011

Hammer Films was resurrected last year with the critically-acclaimed Let Me In, a remake of the also critically-acclaimed vampire film Let the Right One In. Immediately, people began to complain that this wasn’t Hammer, it was just someone buying the name and slapping it on a horror movie.

I disagree. No, this incarnation of Hammer won’t make the same kind of movies as the beloved British studio did forty or fifty years ago. It wouldn’t survive if it did. Hammer Films from that era are a particular brand, a particular flavor that broke the mold in their time, but would be laughed out of theaters if released as contemporary productions today. So, the new owners of the name are taking what they can from the past and bringing it into the new century. That, to me, means (hopefully) a long line of good, entertaining horror from a studio dedicated to the genre.

Only time will tell. Let Me In was a good start. The next one out of the gate is The Resident, starring Hilary Swank and quintessential Hammer leading man Christopher Lee. Here’s the trailer:

Here’s hoping for the best.