November 19, 2010

So, Kealan Patrick Burke, the supremely talented author of books like The Turtle Boy and The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others, Midlisters, and quite a few others that you should have read by now, decided to hold a contest on his blog, Something Stirs: a flash fiction contest with a Halloween theme.

I had not written any flash fiction in a while – had not, in fact, written anything fiction-wise except for the Big Thing I’m working on – and decided to give it a whirl. Once I had the idea, I got it down on paper in about an hour. Tweaked it a little and sent it off, and a couple of weeks later got an email from Kealan stating that I’d won.

This is cool on so many levels. One, it’s Kealan, a guy whos work I’ve been reading from the beginning and admire a great deal. When someone you admire recognizes your own work, it’s pretty sweet. Two, it’s flash fiction, which I’ve had some success with in the past and am now eager to do more of again. Especially as I toil away on the Big Thing – I don’t want to take the kind of time away from it that it would take to write a full short story, but ducking out for a quick 500 words keeps things fresh without slowing my momentum on the Thing.

Anyway, you can read the story here, if you are so inclined: http://kealanpatrick.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/all-hallows-flash-fiction-competition-winner/. I hope you are, and I hope you dig it. And while you’re here, check out some of Kealan’s work. It’s good stuff.