Now, where were we…?

“The best laid plans….” You know the rest. As is obvious by comparing the date of this post to the date of my last post, all of my plans to blog throughout October, Halloween and beyond sort of went by the wayside. What can I say…life happens, as it will continue to do from time to time. So, no more grand declarations of my intentions here. I hope to be around a lot more, as I have lots to say. Hopefully, time will be on my side.

Now, to fill in the gaps since I last posted:

First, there’s a new review of mine over at Dark Scribe, where I take a look at Tom Piccirilli’s upcoming heavyweight of a collection, Futile Efforts. Great book, adequate review. 

Next, I got the chance to do something amazing since I last wrote here – I got to stand face-to-face with Stephen King. Yes, I was one of approximately 500 to do so on this particular night, and yes, our encounter lasted roughly 7.5 seconds, but it was 7.5 seconds of pure awesome. I attended a booksigning for King’s new novel, Under the Dome, over in Atlanta back in November (on a Friday the 13th, no less), got to speak briefly with The Man, and had him scribble his name in my Collector’s Edition copy of the brick….er, book. (It’s 1,000+ pages!) Basically, this is the guy who cemented my interest in reading, and who kick-started my interest in writing, so yeah…those 7.5 seconds were a pretty big deal.

Finally, I entered a contest over at the Cafe Doom message board in October – a short story contest. The top ten finalists were chosen anonymously by posters on the board, and from those ten the editor of Dark Discoveries, James Beach, chose one tale to be published in his magazine. For some reason, he chose my story “Pun’kin,” which is now slated to appear in DD next summer or fall. I’ve published some non-fiction there before, but this is my first time cracking the fiction section, and I’m pleased and honored.

I think that’s enough for now. Time to toddle off into the night, warm up  by the fire, and read some good books. See ya’ soon.


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