My “Haunted” Story

Excuse a moment of gratuitous back-patting, if you will – I just read a review of Horror Library Vol. 3 which singled out my story “Toll” as one of the reviewer’s favorites. Also, it seems my humble little tale may have stirred up some supernatural activity around the reviewer. Here’s the excerpt:

“Toll” by Blu Gilliand is probably one of my favorite stories for the book, as much for the writing as for the somewhat spooky and hilarious personal experience had while reading it aloud. The storytelling is precise and creates scenes of despair, anger, confusion, and revenge as each piece of the puzzle unfolds through the short appearances of ghostly characters. It all leads the protagonist on her own short journey to uncover the truth of her child’s suffering. An emotional and gratifying story of both compassion and revenge. On a personal note, the story itself may be haunted. Strange things happened while reading this story. Needless to say, it should not be read out loud or while around any electronic devices. (I’m only half kidding about the previous three sentences.)

The entire review can be read here. Thanks Nancy!


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