R.I.P. John Hughes

John Hughes can’t be dead. He was too young. Numerically, he was 59, but he always has been – and always will be – a teenager. He had to be. No adult could get teenagers the way he did. And not just teens in the ’80s, which was when I was a teen and Hughes was in his heyday. Teen movies usually date themselves out of relevancy within a year or two because that particular group changes so fast. But not John Hughes Teen Movies. Those live forever, films that someone growing up in the 2000s can relate to just as much as someone from the dark and distant 1980s.

I have a lot of good memories tied up with John Hughes movies. Watching Sixteen Candles  over and over at my best friend’s house.

Watching The Breakfast Club with my cousin, only to have his father turn it off after hearing this:

Watching Christmas Vacation every Christmas with my family.

And watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles for the first time with my mom, both of us laughing until we thought we were going to pass out. The ending always chokes me up, though, and it seems a fitting way to go out. R.I.P. Mr. Hughes, and thanks for the memories.

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