Ode to Oxford American

This happened a little while ago, but it just occurred to me to say something about it here. Oxford American has long been one of my favorite magazines. It’s the way a Southern literary journal should be – proud and boastful, but completely unpretentious; able to talk knowledgeably about obscure blues recordings, fine cuisine, and fishing holes with equal vigor. Anyway, they’ve recently revamped their website, and it’s an embarrassment of riches. If I’m not mistaken, they plan to eventually have the entire contents of every issue available online. Folks, that’s a lot of good readin’, I’m here to tell you.

This post, and the one from a day or so ago with the Inglorious Basterds trailer, should give you an idea of how things are going to be around here from now on. I like this place too much to use it only as the shilling station for my occasional publication news. I’m about more than the reviews, interviews and fiction I publish, and I want this place to reflect that, like it did when I first started it. So expect more postings about movies and stuff I’m reading and what have you. I’ll try not to let it become about the everyday trivia of my life (you can see that anyway on my Twitter postings over there in the corner), but I’m gonna loosen up a bit and have some more fun.

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