Religion and Reanimation: An Interview with Kim Paffenroth

May 21, 2009

My first interview at my new Speculative Fiction blog is now available. Click here for a chat with writer Kim Paffenroth, a man with a most interesting career path – from religious studies professor to zombie author.

Victoria Blake interview now available

May 18, 2009

Dark Scribe Magazine has just posted my lengthy interview with Underland Press publisher Victoria Blake. In it, we discuss writing fiction online, literary experimentation, and their incredible lineup of print releases. Underland is having a fine first year, and it was a pleasure to discuss it all with the woman behind the scenes.

Fifty-Two Stitches Trailer

May 18, 2009

The good folks behind Fifty-Two Stitches have come up with a nice new trailer to promote their weekly dose of free fiction. Check it out:

My story “Sitting Up With Grandpa” will make its debut there in August. In the meantime, check their site every Sunday for short, shocking fiction from some bright new names.

Midnight Grinding review

May 16, 2009

Like good stories? Like quick hits of horror that evoke that classic E.C. Comics feel? Then you’re gonna love Midnight Grinding. I did, and my review of it is now live at Dark Scribe Magazine.

Stay tuned for some exciting news on a new writing gig I’ve landed. All will be clear next week.