Send In The Clowns

April 16, 2009

New review up – this time it’s Will Elliot’s excellent novel from Underland Press, The Pilo Family Circus.

Those who know me will wonder how I made it through a book that is, on the surface, about murderously psychotic clowns. To them I say: Quickly, and while constantly looking over my shoulder.


April 6, 2009

Dark Scribe Magazine posted a couple of new reviews by yours truly over the weekend. First up is the long-in-gestation review of T.M. Wright’s Bone Soup, a review that was written a year or so ago and held until Cemetery Dance finally found a spot on its crowded publication schedule to move the book forward; and Brian Evenson’s long strange trip of a novel, Last Days. Enjoy the reviews, then go out and enjoy the books.