They’re here…..

So today I got a package in the mail from Cutting Block Press. Inside were three copies of Horror Library Vol. 3, in which my short story “Toll” makes an appearance. Cracking that book open and finding my story inside was a surreal experience – one that I’ll never forget.
Getting published has been a dream of mine, and a couple of years ago I decided to quit dreaming and get to work. Since then I’ve had numerous reviews, interviews, and flash fiction stories appear online, plus a couple of interviews appear in print (in the excellent Dark Discoveries magazine). And while having some of my fiction appear online was great, I’m old-school, and I hungered to see my work in print.
A couple of months ago I did, thanks to Shroud‘s flash fiction contest. But I’ve known this was on the horizon, and this is what I was really waiting for – having my work in a BOOK.
And now I do.
And I like it. And I think I want to have it happen again.
So, enough celebrating. It’s back to work. Well, as soon as I plug the book, which you can preview and purchase right here.

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