Horror Library Vol. 3

Cutting Block Press is expecting to release their new anthology Horror Library Vol. 3 in the next few weeks. Below is the full table of contents:

Lávese las Manos – R.J Cavender & Boyd E. Harris
Them – Sunil Sadanand
Ashes of the Dead – Kurt Dinan
The Orange Mammoth – Matthew Lee Bain
The River Child – R. Michael Burns
The Station – Bentley Little
Short Stacked – Rodney J. Smith
After – Kealan Patrick Burke
Consumed – Michael Louis Calvillo
Under the Bridge Downtown – Gary A. Braunbeck & Matthew Warner
Being Supreme – Mark Justice
Clover – Gina Ranalli
Guarded – Michael A. Arnzen
The Review – Rick Moore
Teeth – A.C. Wise
When the Skies Toss Down Rain Heavy – Eric Grizzle
Obsidian Sea – Kurt Kirchmeier
Masks and Shadows – Cullen Bunn
Extra Innings – John Peters
The Living World – C. Michael Cook
Fish Bait – John Everson
Toll – Blu Gilliand
The Steel Church – Charles Colyott
The Apocalypse Ain’t So Bad – Jeff Strand
The Rhythm Method – Mikal Trimm
Her Dead Oceans – Lorne Dixon
Golden Eyes – Lisa Morton
The Haven – John Palisano
The Birdie – Stephen Couch
Blink the Blood Away – R.M. Ridley

I’m really proud to be part of a lineup that includes heavy hitters like Bentley Little, Kealan Patrick Burke, Gary Braunbeck and Matthew Warner. And speaking of the last two, they’ve posted a free reading of their collaboration. Check it out, and then head over to Cutting Block Press, where they’ll soon be posting preorder information.

2 Responses to Horror Library Vol. 3

  1. Nicely done! Now is this a story we’ve read, or have you been holding out on us?

  2. blugilliand says:

    New story. Well, it’s been in circulation for about a year, but it’s not one I’ve sent y’all. Yet. It’s a long one – the longest I’ve had published thus far.

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