The Seventh Sign

As just one in a long, long line of the “end-of-the-world” genre, The Seventh Sign doesn’t break a lot of new ground. You’ve got your prophets, your plagues, your disbelieving religious leaders, your innocent victims, and your skeptic-who-eventually-comes-around. What you don’t have here is much in the way of suspense or payoff.


Demi Moore plays the mother of the first child that, according to a mysterious man renting a garage apartment from Moore and husband Michael Biehn, will be born without a soul. This birth, if it occurs, will usher in the End Of Days. Moore, of course, wants only to protect her baby, even as the undeniable signs of impending doom start appearing all around her. We’re talking really, really heavy rain and hard winds. Real wrath of God type stuff, as the Ghostbusters might say.


This somehow ties into a court case that attorney Biehn is leading involving a mentally-challenged man who killed his parents when he discovered they were, in fact, blood relations. How this figures in I was never certain, but Biehn spends the whole movie fretting about it. As a matter of fact, that’s all he does in this movie – fret. It doesn’t do a lot for the tough-guy image he built in movies like Aliens and The Terminator.


Apparently, in the end, all it takes to head off the Apocalypse is for Moore to dramatically utter the words “I would die for him” while holding her newborn. Which she does. Then the earthquakes stop and there’s a lot of light and then hey! There’s the credits!


This was about 90 minutes of muddled plot developments and religious iconography that really went nowhere. Even the immortal bad guy is stopped by nothing more than bullets from a security guard’s gun. Skip this one.

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